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This is Nike.  She was born to Abby and Sam on July 9th, 2012.  She weighs 38 pounds as of January 5th.  She looks just like her mom and her half sister Sadie.



Ryelee was born July 9th, 2012 to Abby and Sam.  He weighed 40lbs in November and now weighs 60lbs.  Sounds like he is going to be a big boy.  He has some beautiful eyes too.

Lee  says:

Hi this is Ryelee’s dad. He is a great dog and we just love him, even if he is a real handful most of the time. We are missing him right now because he has been at Puppybootcamp for the past three weeks. He will come home on Saturday. He needed more socialization than we were able to provide. Hope this will help with his habits he was developing and make him into a well adjusted lab that will be a great pleasure to take out in public. He has had a couple of obedience classes, does well on the leash, sits and stays quite well. Likes to chase the ball.

Ryelee 11-1-12 Look at those beautiful eyes.

Tracker born 12-12-11 to Sadie and Titan

Lori says:

October 31, 2012 at 1:25 pm

This is Tracker. He was born 12-12-11 to Sadie and Titan. He looks so much like Sadie and he loves to fetch.

I have heard that if your dog can lay like this they have great hips. Good job Tracker.


Tracker has been an amazing puppy!
We are so glad to have him and love him dearly.
He is 10 months now and weighs in at 85 lbs.
He loves to run, swim and play fetch over & over.
He would love to meet up & have a play date with a sibling of his litter.
Very happy……thank you
Lori, Chuck, Braiten & Bailey

Tsunami from Sadie and Titan’s litter 12/12/11

She looks like a combo of her mom and dad.  So cute.

“She’s now 6 mos old and a wonderful girl!!

Very beautiful, EXTREMELY smart and very sweet. She elicits such delight!”

Thank you, Terra.

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