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RC’s Tella Cross Sweep

Tella was born December 28, 2017. She is silver factored.  Tella is clear for all genetic testing.

Tella has a high drive to hunt and retrieve.  Her pups will make great hunters and family companions.

RC’s Cheddar and Sour Cream

Cheddar was born September 28, 2015.  She is from our Ruffles and Blacktail Mountain’s Dakota.  Cheddar weighs around 80 lbs and has a (English) blocky build.  Cheddar will have her hips certified after she turns 2.  Cheddar’s pedigree

Annie Tuff Gun

Annie1Welcome our new addition to the family.  Annie was born July 11, 2013.  She is silver factored and we hope to breed her to Tanner and have puppies in Spring 2016.  There should be silvers and chocolates in the litter.

Annie weighs around 75 lbs.  She has been bird hunting.  She is a sweet girl, loves to retrieve and please her masters.  Annie’s hips (excellent) and elbows (normal) are OFA certified.

Annie’s pedigree



Ruffles is retired. We have her daughter Cheddar. Born 3/25/10, she is a very light yellow almost white, and loves to retrieve and swim.

Ruffles weighs around 75lbs.

She is the English type of Lab very blocky.

Ruffles hips are OFA certified.