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RC’s Missy Silver Ghost was born January 1, 2020. Missy is nose driven and is always smelling for something. She loves to retrieve.
Missy is clear of all genetic diseases that EmbarkVet tests for.
Missy’s Pedigree


Toffee was born on July 4, 2019. She is a red English Labrador. She is mellow and loves to please. Her parents are from Toffee is a carrier of Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd, and ALT activity. She will not be bred to a male that is a carrier of these diseases. Toffee will be OFA certified in July 2021.

Milo Meat Lover

Milo was born on February 13, 2019. He has a very blocky head but hasn’t quite grown into his body yet. He’s a light yellow lab. He loves to retrieve and please. He loves the water too. Milo is clear of genetic diseases that Embark Vet tests for. Milo has OFA certified with good hips and normal elbows. Milo is available for stud services.
Milo’s pedigree.

RC’s Chicken Nugget

Nugget was born April 15, 2019. She is the daughter of our Sadie and our friend’s dog Phoenix.
Nugget is an English lab. She is a laid back lab. She is dark yellow as her dad is a red lab. Nugget has a lot of hunting champs in her lines. Nugget is a carrier to ALT Activity and EIC. She will not be bred to a male that is also a carrier. She will be OFA certified in April 2021.
Nugget’s pedigree

Nugget at 1 1/2
Nugget 5 months old
Nugget 4 months old