Venus had her puppies November 10th

Venus had 14 puppies on November 10th.  Eight females and six males.  These puppies will be ready to go for Christmas.  They will make great Christmas gift for your loved ones.  I’m taking a $150 non refundable deposit to hold a puppy for you.  The puppies have had their dew claws removed, have been wormed and have their first 5-way shot.  These puppies can be micro-chipped for $20 and that enrolls them in to the AKC Companion Animal Recovery program.   To see Venus’ and Sam’s page and pedigree click on their name.

You can call me at 509-258-4085 or email through the Contact Us page.

Venus would not leave the puppies the first week and a half.  She tried to keep them hidden by curling around them and putting her head over them.  She is making sure you get a plump, healthy puppy.

F_PurpleCheetahClip2_wk3 F_BlackSilverDiamond_wk3 F_Brown_Sparkle2_wk3 F_PurpleCheetahBuckle3_wk3 F_Pink2_wk3 F_Multi2_wk3 F_Red_sparkle_3_wk3 F_PinkCheetah_wk3_G
Female Purple Cheetah Collar Black Nose - SOLD
Female Black Diamond Collar --SOLD
Female Brown Sparkle Collar--SOLD
Female Purple Cheetah Collar Light Nose--SOLD
Female Pink Collar - SOLD
Female Multi Color Collar-SOLD
Female Red Sparkle Collar - SOLD
Female Pink Cheetah Collar - SOLD

Black Diamond Collar–She found a nice place to go to sleep. 12-28-12

All the males together


M_Red_Old_with_Clip3_wk3 M_Green2_wk3 M_Red_collar2_wk3 M_Yellow stripe_wk3 M_Black2_wk3 M Dark blue collar2
Male Old Red Collar-SOLD
Male Green Collar - SOLD
Male Red Collar With Clip - SOLD
Male Yellow Stripe Collar - SOLD
Male Black Collar - SOLD
Male Dark Blue Collar - SOLD

Puppies Two Weeks Old

Light Nose Males. The 2 on the left are light in color. The two on the right are dark in color and are SOLD

Four Light Females

Puppies A Couple Days Old With Venus