Tsunami from Sadie and Titan’s litter 12/12/11

She looks like a combo of her mom and dad.  So cute.

“She’s now 6 mos old and a wonderful girl!!

Very beautiful, EXTREMELY smart and very sweet. She elicits such delight!”

Thank you, Terra.

Be sure to check out Terra’s comment below.


  1. Tsunami is such a great family dog. She is extremely smart!! The first night we had her home (6 wks old) she played fetch for about 10 mins, it was so natural to her! She was potty trained by 3mos, even then she rarely had accidents in the house. She naturally knew how to sit and other commands have been easy to instill. She knows sit, laydown, wait, leave it, down, back-it-up, drop it, shake and give-me five. She has a strong desire to learn and to please, loves personal contact and games with the kids. She just discovered water last week and jumped in all by herself and LOVED IT!!! Her instincts for stocking and pouncing are very strong and cute to watch. She has captured our hearts.
    Thank you so much for making it possible for her to be part of our lives.

    Terra, Lee, Yukai and Ryklee

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