Great idea for house training your pup especially if you are going to be gone for long hrs

This is my sister in-laws website.  She is a dog trainer in McCall, Id.  She would be happy to answer questions you might have.  Visit her website at the bottom of the page.

This arcticle is concise without leaving out the important stuff about potty-training

This is the same method I’ve used with all my clients and personal dogs but Vikki adds a great twist for those who cannot commit to letting the dog out frequently during the day for play and supervised fun. I love the little crate inside the enclosure addition! Will work very well for Dawg parents who must leave the dog unattended for more than a couple hours at a time.
Thank you Vikki! Great article.
IG breeder/owner, Vikki Landes of D’Folly IGs.
Vikki’s Housetraining 101!
It works for me with all my kids, controversial or not…
Well I’m an opinionated old gal and I’ll give you my best opinion….and this is how I trained all my shepherds, and my current 5 iggies from youngsters. And I’m also allowing for the fact that some of you may have extremely young iggies and may work part or all of your day, so this system works well for that too. There are days I work at home all day and days I have to be out 5 o7 hours.
I ABSOLUTELY disagree with the idea of putting any dog/puppy in a crate with a bed at one end and paper or wee wee pads at the other for potty training.

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