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Milo Meat Lover

Milo was born on February 13, 2019. He has a very blocky head but hasn’t quite grown into his body yet. He’s a light yellow lab. He loves to retrieve and please. He loves the water too. Milo is clear of genetic diseases that Embark Vet tests for. Milo has OFA certified with good hips and normal elbows. Milo is available for stud services.
Milo’s pedigree.



Tanner was born 4-12-12.  He is silver in color, and so beautiful.

We are excited to bring Silver Labradors to the Spokane area and to eastern Washington.

Tanner’s first litter was with Sadie and they were absolutely beautiful.  Belle and Tanner’s first and second litters were stunning.

He has a blocky head and lean body.

He wants to please and loves to be around us, loves to play fetch, go hunting and is a great retriever.

Tanner is OFA certified Good for hips.  Tanner is a carrier of Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd and will not be bred to a female that is also a carrier.  Tanner is available for stud services.102_4410

Tanner huntingphoto